From My POV: Nothing But Love

I begin in the name of God, the Most Loving, the Wise, the one who deserves all praise. And we ask that He send the best benedictions upon His beloved, prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. In writing this, I intend, after seeking the pleasure of God, to inspire people and change this world:

I haven’t really been keeping up to date with my book reviews…I’ve read a couple great books so far this year but just haven’t gotten the time to type up the reviews for them all yet. Here’s book number two of our shared reading journey: check it out then come back and let me know what you think!

So guys, I want to begin this post by establishing two things:

1. I enjoy reading but…if the book doesn’t catch me in the first let’s say, ten pages, I’m done. I can’t read a boring book. Maybe I can but it’ll just take me a long time. If it’s fiction though and it’s supposed to keep me entertained, I won’t do it. I’m very protective, when I’m allowed, of my creative flow…and I don’t force it.

2. I really don’t like writing or reading online. I’m more of a paper and pen, flip through the pages kind of person. I borrowed an eBook from the library and I think it’s really cool that that’s a thing, but I never read it because when I’m forced to sit at my computer or phone for really long periods of time, it makes me really hate being on the computer or phone.

Now that that’s out of the way, I saw a post on a cool Facebook group I’m on looking for a couple people to review a new Islamic romance novel. I want to get into this whole book review thing and I haven’t read an Islamic novel in a minute, so I said sign me up.

It was Friday night, a particular Friday night before a Saturday morning where I’d have to be out the door by 9 in the morning to volunteer for a Girls Scout event at our neighboring hospital.

I told sister Zeneefa I would read this book, it was on my to-do list for that day to get started on the reading…and plus, I was really curious to see how this “Islamic Romance” novel would turn out – especially, in light of the typical, person converts to Islam, meets totally awesome Muslim usually associated to the person who helped them become a Muslim, gets married and viola – never quite as simple as that but hopefully you get the point.

It was 10:30, I said I’ll read two or three chapters. Well guys, that was a mistake. I read a couple chapters. Then I convinced myself I’d go to bed by 2am. Then I really had to find out what was going to happen next…and yeah, I didn’t get to sleep until 4:30 in the morning.

Nothing But Love was everything but a stereotypical Islamic love story – the author, sister Zeneefa touched on some pretty difficult topics with great tact and authenticity.

Lot’s of pain…both the young man and the young woman came from difficult situations but what is more, they are on guard, they are even bitter from what life has dished out to them – so how will they manage? Will they be able to open up and help one another to heal? Will they let everything come between them and let everything fall null and void?

Is it just a business contract? Does it make up for his past regret or hers?

Is it ever really the past when it involves your family?!

Will they have a relationship with Nothing But Love?

The characters were very easy to relate to, the emotions were very real, and overall, the book is definitely engaging!

Only thing I’d say, don’t start reading at 10:30 at night!


PS. I read the last 4 chapters that Saturday night, in case you were wondering.

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